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Chris Hayes, heroes, and ‘Catch 22’

Erik Kain at Mother Jones, defending MSNBC host Chris Hayes who, on Memorial Day weekend, was bombarded with insults after criticizing those who overuse the word “hero”: In transforming our soldiers or police automatically into “heroes” we ignore the atrocities … Continue reading

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Surging toward another snafu

Obama’s war propaganda sounds like Bush’s. Put another way, the Obamabots are as eager as the Bushies to put a good face on disaster, if that’s what it takes to keep their candidate’s poll numbers from slipping. And they get … Continue reading

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To D.C. Dems, compromise means capitulate

Unfortunately, the efficacy of slashing spending and taxes on the wealthy will become conventional wisdom now that Democrats have signed on to the program and the disaster capitalists will have won their war against egalitarianism and redistribution. The Democrats didn’t … Continue reading

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