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Freedom of assembly? Not in MY public space

From Michael Kimmelman’s thoughtful piece about… well, about America’s rediscovery that movements to effect social change are often sparked by large, sustained public gatherings of protesters: THE ever expanding Occupy Wall Street movement, with encampments now not only in Lower … Continue reading

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Cheez Whiz is legal, so why not pot?

The Philadelphia Daily News recently had fun reporting a story about a drug bust involving a manager at Jim’s Steaks. You know, the usual jokes about South Philly accents and dining preferences: HOW YA LIKE yer cheesesteak…? Whiz Wit’? Maybe … Continue reading

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Obama’s latest victim — the EPA

The treachery continues, but it’s hard to guess what the endgame is. Maybe Barack Obama really believes his own hype. He’s the “adult” in the race and therefore can’t lose against Texas wing-nut Rick Perry or insipid Mitt (“Corporations are … Continue reading

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The ‘meeks’ shall inherit the dirt

Philly in summer was a blast furnace until we lucked into a rainy August capped by a visit from Hurricane Irene, the queen of hype. No such luck for Texas, which continues to suffer through its worst drought on record … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the world…! Well, not quite

Disaster stories are crowd pleasers, partly because oblivion can seem an appealing alternative to everyday problems that have no solution. At the very least, such stories disrupt the monotony of our insulated, digitized environments and force us to imagine other … Continue reading

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Quake-damaged phallic landmark needs TLC

Soon after the recent earthquake, a talking head joked that the Washington Monument had been damaged, but no one was sure yet if it was leaning left or right. Turns out there really are cracks in this symbol of American … Continue reading

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We’ll all be rain dogs soon

For those in the path of Irene: “Rain Dogs” from Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs (1985) According to reports, Philadelphia will get more rain this weekend than any other major city in the region. Bad news for those of us in … Continue reading

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‘Drug corners’ story makes a sobering point

I know a talk radio host who has a passion for esoteric list-making — best NFL defensive linemen who are also convicted felons, best rockabilly guitarists who married their first cousins — that sort of thing. He invites listeners to … Continue reading

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Philly schools chief gets $905K to drop out

Here’s how not to begin an editorial about the departure of an arrogant and divisive “public servant” who hung on until the school district and anonymous donors gave her $905,000 to go away: It’s a shame that it had to … Continue reading

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Did the Earth move for you, too, baby?

At Front and Lombard, a woman with a British accent approached me and said “Did you feel the earth shake?” or “Did you feel an earthquake?” There was passion in her voice. I wondered if she’d mistaken me for someone … Continue reading

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