Me and the devil and a Dallas church

Blues great Robert Johnson’s songs include “Me and the Devil Blues,” “Hellhound on My Trail” and “Cross Road Blues.” The latter explains how he sold his soul to Satan in return for guitar-playing prowess.

It looks like some Christians in Texas are at a crossroads, too. They’ve bought the Art Deco building where Johnson recorded about half of his songs, and will use it to preserve his legacy. It’s next to a building the church uses to serve the homeless.

Johnson spent much of his short life homeless.

… “There’s a natural connection,” said the Rev. Bruce Buchanan, executive director of the Stewpot [community center] and an associate pastor at First Presbyterian [Church]. “Robert Johnson could definitely relate to these people and the work we do.” …

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2 Responses to Me and the devil and a Dallas church

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  2. Margaret says:

    I kind of love this.


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