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Power broker vs. broken newspaper

Swamp Rabbit chugged his hangover remedy, a carrot juice and swamp grass mix, as I complained to him about the sorry state of the mainstream news media — in this case, The Philadelphia Inquirer, which is owned by the same … Continue reading

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Your hometown flooded? Come to Ocean City!

Interesting Philadelphia Inquirer front-page advertorial on behalf of the Ocean City, NJ, tourism industry. The reporter noted that O.C. lost a lot of potential tourist dollars last week when coastal areas were evacuated as Hurricane Irene approached. The story had … Continue reading

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The ‘meeks’ shall inherit the dirt

Philly in summer was a blast furnace until we lucked into a rainy August capped by a visit from Hurricane Irene, the queen of hype. No such luck for Texas, which continues to suffer through its worst drought on record … Continue reading

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Philly’s tax mess — no wonder we’re going broke

I write from Philadelphia, one of the most stupidly governed major cities in the nation. If you doubt that, take a look at the Inquirer story about our delinquent-property-tax-collection system. For years our various mayors and City Council members have … Continue reading

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In praising Scott-Heron, Inquirer buries his message

Gil Scott-Heron, the African-American poet and musician who died this week at age 62, was most famous for his recording of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” a funny and uncompromising call-to-arms that envisions the downfall of the corporate masterminds … Continue reading

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Martians land in Meadowlands!

There it was in big bold caps, the main headline on the front page of Monday’s Philadelphia Inquirer: BEYOND BELIEF. Had Obama created a jobs program? Had Martians landed in New Jersey, or among Florida’s frozen oranges? No, it was … Continue reading

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A new casino in this economy? Are you crazy?

The utilitarian gambling hall erected on North Delaware Avenue at the border of Fishtown and Northern Liberties puts 1,600 slot machines and 40 card tables within easy reach of neighborhoods across the city, many of them low-income. With the illusive … Continue reading

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