Worst people in charge at worst time

Eric Swalwell meant figuratively, not literally, but he makes a good point about Steve Mnuchin, whom historians will remember as “the foreclosure king” because of his success at forcing desperate people out of their homes during the Great Recession.

As my neighbor Swamp Rabbit said, “He earned a ton of money making poor peeps homeless and now he wants to starve ’em, too. Ugly is as ugly does.”

“He picked the perfect time to starve them,” I replied. “Last week the government got more than a million new applications for unemployment comp. And it won’t get any better in the near future, not with the Covid-19 surging again and wrecking what’s left of the economy.”

In his tweet, Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, was echoing Trump and Senate Republicans who want to cut emergency unemployment benefits from $600 a week to $200.

I confessed to being a bit surprised that Trump and his toadies have chosen to remind us of their contempt for working people with elections only three months away.

“The base is gonna stick with Trump all the way to the Fuhrerbunker,” Swamp Rabbit explained. “They don’t want to face the fact that he bamboozled them from the get-go, with help from grifters and crooks like Mnuchin. They’d rather blame them anarchists and deadbeats and minorities for the country falling apart.”

“But the base is shrinking,” I replied. “And what about Mitch McConnell and those other Republican rats in Congress? Don’t they realize? Even the corporate media know what’s happening.”

He laughed. “Right now them rats are scurrying. They’re trying to decide the best time to jump ship.”

“I think they missed their chance,” I said. “With any luck, they’ll all get deep-sixed this time.”

Footnote: As someone on Twitter noted, “[Mnuchin] does know that the people that need the money are the same people that paid the taxes, right?”

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