A new meaning for ‘cancel culture’

w.c. fields

‘Last week I went to Philadelphia, but it was closed.’

I found Swamp Rabbit near my shack, at the frog pond, drinking a beer. “There’s no easy way to say this,” I said. “Philadelphia is closing. I think we’ve become a victim of what they call cancel culture.”

He finished his beer and threw the can at me. “Cancel culture is when the social media shun personalities they think ain’t cool no more. What’s that got to do with Philly?”

I took another shot at explaining: Because of the resurgence of the Covid-19, there will be no parades, no ballgames open to the public, no footraces or any other large-scale organized events staged in Philly through February 2021. They’ve all been canceled.

“I could tell one of those old Philly jokes attributed to W.C. Fields, but I think you understand,” I added.

I reminded Swamp Rabbit that the city is already reeling from the full or partial closing of schools, stores, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, theaters, museums — even Independence National Historic Park.

The newly canceled events are a blow to those who make money doing face-to-face sales and were expecting to begin hawking again in late summer.

“You and I might soon be forced back to dumpster-diving and robbing the local SuperFridge,” I said.

He shrugged. “I ain’t never stopped robbing SuperFridge. You think I been paying four bucks for a bell pepper and ten bucks for a pack of wieners? That’ll be the day.”

I threw his beer can back at him. “My point is everybody is screwed who isn’t well-off. This isn’t just about Philly. By the time our delusional, incompetent president and his stupid flunkies get kicked out of the White House, we’ll be a Third World country.”

My prediction amused Swamp Rabbit. “Take a look at that shack of yours,” he said, pointing at it. “What world you think you livin’ in now?”

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