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Get 700,000 e-books for $9.99, then an Amazon crock-pot

Swamp Rabbit and I were eating collard greens — the new kale! — and reading about Amazon’s all-you-can-eat strategy for handling books: …For much of the last year, mainstream novelists were furious that Amazon was discouraging the sale of some … Continue reading

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A buy from Amazon is a vote for wage slavery

I read a piece in Salon about Amazon’s business model and almost throttled my friend Swamp Rabbit, I guess because he was the only creature in sight. But I was glad to see that at least one media writer wasn’t … Continue reading

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The pig and the Post (another trophy for Jeff Bezos)

A few facts about Jeff Bezos, billionaire CEO of Amazon.com, the enormously profitable online department store that’s beating up on bricks-and-mortar retail outlets: 1) The price Bezos paid this week for the Washington Post was $250 million, about one percent … Continue reading

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Tune in with your new assault rifle

One can only wonder who would have ended up owning this mail-order killing machine, and what he would have done with it. Taken it to the movies, maybe: Police in Washington are looking into how a local resident who ordered … Continue reading

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The hole where Borders was, and the dummies who dug it

Writers hate the idea of slush piles, where agents and editors dump unpublished works. On the last weekend of business at Borders in Philadelphia, I saw the equivalent of a slush pile for published works. It wasn’t a pretty sight. … Continue reading

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