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O’Donnell spins recall defeat as victory

MSNBC hosts Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow seemed as disappointed as most rank-and-file Democrats when NBC analysts declared early Tuesday evening that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would survive the bid to recall him. However, another of the network’s prime-time hosts, … Continue reading

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Don’t trust MSNBC, either

What, if anything, did the federal government’s $25 million “mortgage settlement” deal with the big banks do to help people who lost their homes, or are on the verge of losing them because of deceptive practices by the banks? The … Continue reading

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Comcast in, Olbermann out — coincidence?

I doubt that covering the ups-and-downs and occasional broken promises of the Obama White House had the same thrill as exposing Obama’s thoroughly corrupt predecessors. — Will Bunch, Jan. 24, Attytood Bunch went to high school with Keith Olbermann and … Continue reading

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