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Can the other senators hear Sanders?

I often wonder how Bernie Sanders’ fellow senators are reacting when he’s on the floor, warning us for the umpteenth time that super-wealthy right-wingers, with much help from the Supreme Court, are snuffing out what’s left of our democracy. Maybe … Continue reading

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Join effort to deep-six Citizens United

Earlier today, I posted about Stephen Colbert’s satiric campaign to wise people up to the corrupt campaign financing laws that help elect corrupt, often incompetent candidates. But I didn’t mention what we can do to help make reform possible. Sen. … Continue reading

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Citizens United decision corrupt, not ‘insane’

Everyone knows what would be the first and most important step toward campaign finance reform. The question is whether there are enough honest people in Congress to make reform a reality: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Wednesday night slammed the … Continue reading

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Has America begun to ‘get’ Bernie Sanders?

To understand how right-wing the major political parties in America are, it helps to read the foreign press. This from The Guardian: … [Bernie Sanders’] beliefs… would fit comfortably in the middle left of Britain’s Labour party or Germany’s SPD. … Continue reading

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