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‘Network’ redux, starring Bernie and Barack

Bernie Sanders met with Barack Obama at the White House today. I’m picturing the scene in Network (only slightly altered here) where Mr. Jensen lectures Howard Beale on how the real world works: You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. There are … Continue reading

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Regarding Coca-Cola (corporate America’s rotgut)

I recently discussed with my friend Swamp Rabbit the sappy Coca-Cola commercial that features, as Guardian UK put it, “a multi-lingual rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ sung by children and illustrated with a diversity of New Americana scenes…” The usual … Continue reading

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Sorkin channels Howard Beale in ‘The Newsroom’

Here’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, an Atlantic editor and blogger, quoting from Aaron Sorkin’s “deeply unpleasant, condescending and sexist” interview with the Globe and Mail: “I think I would have done very well, as a writer, in the forties,” [Sorkin] says. “I … Continue reading

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Lumet’s gone, but ‘Network’ is forever

Reading of Sidney Lumet’s death, I thought of Al Pacino chanting “Attica! Attica!” to rouse the rabble in Dog Day Afternoon; of Henry Fonda, with Obama-like cool, shrugging off Lee J. Cobb’s bully tactics in Twelve Angry Men; of Jerry … Continue reading

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We’re mad as hell, Friedman!

Our enemies are not our friends. The world is not flat. Thomas Friedman is a widely read pundit and an optimistic chap. Wrong most of the time, but optimistic, and very thorough in explaining the madness of U.S. foreign policy. … Continue reading

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