Mutants stall Gulf clean-up funding

Anyone want to sample the mutant shrimp? I didn’t think so.

Chris Bowers of Daily Koz recently sent out an e-mail petition telling House Speaker John Boehner “to pass legislation mandating that fines paid by BP go toward the clean up and restoration of the Gulf Coast.” The petition includes a picture of a mutant shrimp, to remind Boehner that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which began two years ago this week, is still causing major harm.

This is how far to the right the GOP has mutated: Boehner and the other Republicans who control the House are insisting on amendments to a transportation bill whose passage is tied to the passage of the Gulf clean-up bill, called the Restore Act. They’re delaying a vote on the act in an attempt to force approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline and block effective regulations for disposal of toxic coal ash. And who cares about the condition of the Gulf and the millions of people affected by it?

I hope you all got the Daily Koz petition and signed it. Go here for more information on how to spread the word about stopping the mutants.

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