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Remind me again

You got my attention Go ahead, speak What was it you wanted When you were kissin’ my cheek? The lyrics are from “What Was It You Wanted,” on Oh Mercy! (1989), produced by Daniel Lanoir, who arguably helped pull Bob … Continue reading

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Levon Helm dead at 71

Levon Helm, second from left, in the cover photo for the Band’s second album. From the L.A. Times’ music blog: Levon Helm, the widely respected and influential singer and drummer with the Band, whose Arkansas drawl colored the group’s signature … Continue reading

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‘Dark matter’ concept darker than ever

“The stars are matter. We’re matter. But it doesn’t matter.” — Captain Beefheart For years laymen have felt puzzled by “dark matter,” an unscientific term scientists use to describe the invisible substance that supposedly accounts for 83 percent of the … Continue reading

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Yes Men’s fake BofA site is back

As the movie trailer put it, “Sometimes it takes a lie to expose the truth.” The Raw Story reported earlier today that “Google blacklisted on Wednesday a website made to look like an outreach campaign by Bank of America, in … Continue reading

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Killer drones are people, too

Q. What’s the difference between a terrorist who bombs civilian centers and a military pilot who does the same thing? A. Usually, it’s only a matter of altitude, although the terrorist is likely to be hunted down and the pilot … Continue reading

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The dog days of spring

It feels almost like August in April, and so what if glaciers are melting and the sea level rising and scientists predicting vast coastal areas will be underwater within a century? Jon’s Water Ice, which is usually shuttered until after … Continue reading

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No mercy from bailed-out BofA

In the not-so-distant past, one of the most reviled characters in American popular culture was the landlord who threw families into the street if they couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage on their homes. Think of Lionel Barrymore as Mr. … Continue reading

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The logic of telling Christie-size lies

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. — Joseph Goebbels Paul Krugman likes to argue from the high ground, eschewing the sort of ad hominem attacks I can’t resist … Continue reading

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One word for you, young man: ‘Prisons’

The “too-big-to-fail” bank Wells Fargo received a $37 billion bailout from the government after playing a major role in sparking the 2008 collapse of the housing market. Now the bank is bigger than ever and investing heavily in one of … Continue reading

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Attention, couch potatoes: Walk for Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is rangy and fast, a sinewy specimen of manhood, a champion of physical fitness who said yesterday that he fears America might become a “paternalistic entitlement society” populated not by hard workers but by “a … Continue reading

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