Vote for a genuine outsider

This one goes out to South Carolina Republicans who are still on the fence concerning the upcoming primary. Are Mittens and Newt and Rick too insider-ish? Well, how about Herman Cain?

The super PAC of comedian Stephen Colbert, which has been legally transferred to humor sensei Jon Stewart, is urging voters in South Carolina to choose former candidate Herman Cain in the January 21 Republican presidential primary.

The ad notes that the Palmetto state primary is less than a week away, and South Carolinians are “frustrated” because “there is still no candidate for us. Plus, the economy.”

“Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow believes a vote for Herman Cain is a vote for America,” the ad says, using the PAC’s official name. Pictures of Colbert are shown throughout the ad and Cain is never seen.

“He’s not a career politician. He’s such a Washington outsider he’s not even running for president,” the ad intones…

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