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The satire-proof president

I showed Swamp Rabbit a news story and noted that no one could write a more bat-shit funny satire of Donald Trump’s thought processes than Trump himself. We’ll have an economy based on wind. I never understood wind. You know, … Continue reading

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I don’t see color. Obama looks just like Bush.

I was back at my shack in Tinicum swamp, eating pizza and reading the Obama administration’s rationale for wanting to bomb Syria. It passes the “common sense test,” an aide said. I don’t know how Barack Obama is defining common … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not cock-block the Lord

Stephen Colbert recently explained the theological underpinnings of the Church’s opposition to contraception, and warned birth control users that their sin is a grave one: The transmission of human life is a most serious role in which married people collaborate … Continue reading

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Vote for a genuine outsider

This one goes out to South Carolina Republicans who are still on the fence concerning the upcoming primary. Are Mittens and Newt and Rick too insider-ish? Well, how about Herman Cain? The super PAC of comedian Stephen Colbert, which has … Continue reading

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Will Colbert take the money and run?

Who would have thought a TV talk show host/satirist would prove himself to be smarter and more ethical than most of the people on the U.S. Supreme Court? Well, probably most of us. See this week’s NYT Magazine for a … Continue reading

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