Robitussin and elderberry wine

Robo and wine sounds like a recipe for disaster, but add nostalgia to the mix and it becomes an elixir and a rallying cry for outlaws.

Moby Grape was the epitome of outlaw energy and erratic creativity in 1960s rock & roll, at least to those of us who could appreciate the various bands apart from the hippie-dippie marketing strategies of the time.

These guys weren’t so much hippies as rowdy cowboys with mop tops and guitars instead of sidearms, and more talent than they knew what to do with. They were the great San Francisco band that should have been huge but imploded instead.

Trivia: Put the video in full-screen mode and you can see that drummer Don Stevenson has his right middle finger extended “fuck you”-style on the washboard, supposedly because he was pissed at the photographer for taking all day to shoot this, the cover photo for the band’s first and best album. As critic David Fricke later wrote, “Columbia [Records] airbrushed the photo on subsequent copies to remove the offending digit.”

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