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Howdy, stranger. Every man for himself.

Coo coo it’s cold outside. Coo coo it’s cold outside. Ooo coo coo. Don’t forget your mittens. Hey Pal! How do I get to town from here? And he said: Well just take a right where they’re going to build … Continue reading

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Austerity measures = medieval bleeding

Millions are protesting in Britain, and it’s no wonder — the government is making an already sick economy even sicker. Paul Krugman provides a good analogy: … History says that a financial crisis reduces long-run growth potential if policymakers don’t … Continue reading

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NYT, WSJ: SEC is in a quandary, not corrupt

In applauding the smackdown of the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding its $285 million penalty against Citigroup, Matt Taibbi wrote, “The [Judge Jed] Rakoff ruling shines a light on the way these crappy settlements have evolved into a kind of … Continue reading

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