Ain’t nothin’ I wouldn’t do, sugar…

The perfect Saturday night song if you’re looking to sit at a bar and drown your lust for someone, or to start a fight if you can’t drink enough to drown it.

I don’t sit at bars anymore, but I often feel nostalgia for the self-lacerating insanity of the ritual described above. You know how it is with romantics.

Muddy Waters was one of the only vocalists I can think of who could do justice to “Just To Be With You,” recorded in 1956. Little Walter’s harmonica sounds like a giant keyboard in a juke joint the size of a cathedral.

The title of Scott Spencer’s novel A Ship Made of Paper — about crazy love, of course — is from this song:

On a ship that’s made of paper,
Oh yeah, I will sail the seven seas.
Fight a shark with a toothpick,
Crawl home to you on my knees.
There ain’t nothin’ I wouldn’t do, sugar,
Oh yeah, baby, just to be with you.

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