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Ain’t nothin’ I wouldn’t do, sugar…

The perfect Saturday night song if you’re looking to sit at a bar and drown your lust for someone, or to start a fight if you can’t drink enough to drown it. I don’t sit at bars anymore, but I … Continue reading

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Has America begun to ‘get’ Bernie Sanders?

To understand how right-wing the major political parties in America are, it helps to read the foreign press. This from The Guardian: … [Bernie Sanders’] beliefs… would fit comfortably in the middle left of Britain’s Labour party or Germany’s SPD. … Continue reading

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A word about our former torturer-in-chief

After posting about bringing Dick Cheney’s former ally and fellow war criminal to justice, I saw this item: A raucous group of protesters gathered outside a Surrey, [British Columbia], hotel Thursday, hoisting colourful cardboard placards, shouting into megaphones and looking … Continue reading

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