Straight talk on SS? Sanders stands alone

Bernie Sanders, the independent U.S. Senator from Vermont, makes passionate statements in support of working people then backs them up with legislation such as a bill that would strengthen Social Security without cutting benefits.

From Sanders’ website:

To keep Social Security strong for another 75 years, Sanders’ legislation would apply the same payroll tax already paid by more than nine out of 10 Americans to those with incomes over $250,000 a year. […] Under Sanders’ legislation, Social Security benefits would be untouched. The system would be fully funded by making the wealthiest Americans pay the same payroll tax already assessed on those with incomes up to $106,800 a year.

This is Sanders’ way of signally strong opposition to possible attempts to cut SS benefits by the ridiculously named congressional “super committee.”

Footnote: Sanders recently noted that President Obama, on the campaign trail in 2008, endorsed raising the cap on the payroll tax so that the rich would pay more into the SS system. But we all know by now there’s a big difference between what Obama says and what he does.

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