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Toomey = tax breaks for the rich, no new jobs

Don’t forget to turn out tomorrow to ask Pat Toomey where the jobs are, but don’t expect a straight answer. This guy toes the party line, as I found out during a recent back-and-forth with him or, more likely, with … Continue reading

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Philly’s turf war against flash mobs

I had to laugh when I saw the Agence France-Presse story about the “flash mob curfew” now in effect in my obscenely humid hometown: The measure was the latest effort to secure a city famous as the site of the … Continue reading

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London calling… for more firefighters

Fans of the Clash must feel nostalgic watching events unfold in London and other English cities, where economic austerity (starve the poor) and rioting are back in style. The New Yorker quotes a Labour Party official who warned last fall … Continue reading

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