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‘Goons of August’ usher in new era

Nobody’s shooting yet, but I’ll bet Barbara Tuchman would appreciate Robert Kuttner’s headline. Kuttner does a good job summarizing Democratic stupidity regarding the debt deal, and of explaining why our government, in its current form, is in worse shape than … Continue reading

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Snooki does Florence. Ain’t it ironic?

Did you know the hit reality show “Jersey Shore” was quickly “co-opted by the would-be hip” but overcame this potential liability “by staying true to its artificiality”? This must be true, I read it in The New York Times, in … Continue reading

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How many looks-per-day on God’s Blog?

Do you spend a lot of time logged in and looking for the truth? Could be you’re searching in the wrong places, or at least on the wrong sites. Try God’s Blog, and don’t forget to tell the Divine One … Continue reading

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Bush/Obama’s ten years of torturing the truth

George Bush’s avuncular cheerleader for torture, Donald Rumsfeld, is facing another civil suit. Good news, but why no criminal charges from Barack Obama’s Department of Justice? It seems Eric Holder and the gang have yet to acknowledge arguments comparing Bush … Continue reading

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