If you prick corporations, do they not bleed?

“Corporations are people, my friend,” says Mitt Romney, who looks like a middle-aged Ken doll and acts like he has an industrial coolant coursing through his veins. Or maybe I’m just prejudiced against soulless enemies of the poor and jobless, even after these enemies stop wearing neckties and pretend to be regular Joes.

From ThinkProgress:

Romney’s antagonists are right that corporate money flows right into Romney’s pockets. Indeed, Romney has taken more money from corporate and other lobbyists than all the other GOP candidates put together, and this will likely only be the beginning for Romney if he becomes the GOP nominee.

Ever since the Supreme Court revealed that it shares Romney’s inability to distinguish between corporations and actual human beings, corporations have lined up to buy GOP victories in elections across the country. After Citizens United, conservative secret donors outspent progressives 8 to 1 in the 2010 election cycle.

Footnote: The New Bottom Line suggests sending this message to Romney on Facebook or Twitter: “Hey Mitt Romney, you say corporations put money in people’s pockets. We want to know, which people?”

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