It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … Super Congress!

Concerned that nations will soon fight over oil reserves? If you think that’s bad, wait until world population booms to 10 billion or so at the same time all the fresh water is drying up.

But that’s long-term stuff. This short-term disaster is all I can stomach for now, just barely:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has made a Super Congress a central part of his last-minute proposal, multiple news reports and people familiar with his plan say. A picture of Boehner’s proposal began to come into focus Saturday evening: The debt ceiling would be raised for a short-term period and coupled with an equal dollar figure of cuts, somewhere in the vicinity of a trillion dollars over ten years. A second increase in the debt ceiling would be tied to the creation of a Super Congress that would be required to find a minimum amount of spending cuts. Because the elevated panel would need at least one Democratic vote, its plan would presumably include at least some revenue, though if it’s anything like the deals on the table today, it would likely be heavily slanted toward spending cuts…

Don’t believe anything these jerks say, D or R. The formation of a Super Congress — or super committee, as some are calling it now — will do nothing but allow D.C. politicians to do their dirty work even further in the dark, away from constituents, where only high-level campaign donors can burrow.

Democratic leaders should know better than to sign on to the Super Congress idea. (Picture Mitch McConnell, the Human Tortoise, in green cape and cowl, leading a gang of geriatric Marvel Comics villains.)

The problem is, there are no Dem leaders. Harry Reid is a dead weed twisting in the wind. Nancy Pelosi must have had work done on her brain (lobotomy?) while having all that work done on her face.

Remember: Neither of these hacks, or most other Dems, are saying a word about how they caved on jobs programs and tax hikes for the rich. We should remind them every day and run them out of office, one by one, as soon as possible.

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