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To the moon with you, Bezos, and beyond!

I was reading about zillionaire Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, the world’s largest Internet company. He arguably became the richest person in history during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to a huge upsurge in online sales. He owns Whole Foods. He … Continue reading

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What ‘non-organic’ meant at Whole Foods

Swamp Rabbit was complaining about the weather, a pointless and self-defeating exercise. “This here winter is like a roller coaster ride, with temps up to fifty-something one week and a blizzard the next. How we gonna eat if you can’t … Continue reading

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What John Mackey can do with his vegan stir-fry

Oh, the ironies of the Obama era! Last week John Mackey denounced Obamacare as “like fascism.” This was a few years after damning it as socialism. The Whole Foods co-CEO doesn’t see, or pretends to not see, that Obamacare is … Continue reading

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