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Lawsuit against ‘ACORN pimp’ to proceed

James O’Keefe is what the Yes Men would be like if the latter were bigoted and had no social conscience: A federal judge last week allowed a lawsuit against conservative activists James O’Keefe and Hanna Giles to proceed, according to … Continue reading

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Cruel and unusual Texas

I wondered for a moment last week if it has occurred to the good old boys who run the Texas prison system that their Christian sky-god, if he existed, might send them straight to hell: Last summer’s record-breaking heat wave … Continue reading

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Arianna won’t have to share the jackpot

Some bloggers are half-crazy, probably from spending too much time alone. Picture those poor fools who thought Arianna Huffington would compensate them for having worked for nothing to help make her another fortune. From Raw Story: Bloggers hoping to put … Continue reading

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Phrase of the month: stealth recall

From Huffington Post: A Washington state couple is suing Johnson & Johnson, alleging their toddler son was killed after taking defective Children’s Tylenol from a batch that had been recalled – part of the company’s continuing string of recalls of … Continue reading

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