Arianna won’t have to share the jackpot

Some bloggers are half-crazy, probably from spending too much time alone. Picture those poor fools who thought Arianna Huffington would compensate them for having worked for nothing to help make her another fortune. From Raw Story:

Bloggers hoping to put themselves on a more robust financial footing and close the gap between them and fully paid journalists are vowing to fight on after a New York court dismissed their multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the Huffington Post calling for compensation for exploitation of its army of unpaid commentators.

The ruling, slipped out relatively unnoticed at the end of last week, dismisses the argument made by a group of bloggers that their unremunerated contributions had provided a substantial part of the value of the Huffington Post and that they should therefore be entitled to some of the spoils of the site’s sale to AOL for $315m. The bloggers demanded a third of the sale price, $105m, in compensation…

The lawsuit was launched last April by a labour activist and writer, Jonathan Tasini, who posted more than 200 unpaid columns for the HuffPo before the AOL deal went through. He framed the suit as a class action on behalf of an estimated 9,000 bloggers for the website…

Arianna was an outspoken right-winger while married to right-wing billionaire Michael Huffington, but “her politics later moved to the left,” as the Guardian put it. She campaigned unsuccessfully to become governor of California in 2003, and started HuffPo with a partner in 2005.

I’m imagining her wearing a bemused expression, doing her very best Zsa Zsa imitation upon hearing those humble scribes wanted to get paid. “But darlink, don’t they know there is little money to be made writing for the Internet unless you are a celebrity?”

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3 Responses to Arianna won’t have to share the jackpot

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  2. Boohunney says:

    Yes. I write for free to get my chops down.
    But, that is not cool as far “the Post” goes.
    But, let’s face it, it is the Drudge report for the left.
    But I can get to the wire stories easier there. Just sayin’.
    We, on the left, at my house, do imitations of the “A” lady.
    But, it id=s abtter newspaper than what I have here.


  3. abbeysbooks says:

    Well many of us have learned this to our dismay. The dailykos did it among others.


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