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Books? There is no time!

Swamp Rabbit told me he was going home, he was tired of my grumbling about Donald Trump, I should finish writing my new “fiction book” instead of following politics. “Or read books by other peeps,” he said. I told him … Continue reading

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Message in a bottle to literary agents

Swamp Rabbit broke the seal on the bottle of Wild Turkey I’d just given him. This was his reward, in advance, for his advice today. It’s a tradition here at my shack in Tinicum. I told the rabbit I’ve been around … Continue reading

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Tinted windows (a pre-debate rant)

Odd Man Out is down but not quite out, despite an ongoing reversal of fortune that has left me in debt and without health insurance. Just thought I’d let you know, in case you wondered why I post so infrequently … Continue reading

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From dystopia to reality, via NYPD

At what point does the near-future depicted in a novel stop seeming dystopian and become more-or-less realistic? This is from Super Sad True Love Story, the bestseller by Gary Shteyngart, who read Wednesday at Rutgers-Camden: An armored personnel carrier bearing … Continue reading

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It’s Rapture time. Do you know where your dog is?

Holy eschatology, the end is near. Worthy folks across the land are wrapping up their earthly business and getting ready to be summoned, or assumed, or maybe just whooshed into heaven at 6 p.m. Saturday. There has been much debate … Continue reading

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