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Bad things happen when you debate a demagogue

Here’s the lord of Mar-a-Lago ranting Tuesday night during his so-called debate with Joe Biden: As you know today there was a big problem. In Philadelphia, they went in to watch. They are called poll watchers. They are very safe, … Continue reading

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‘Bravado’ as euphemism for lying

Frank Bruni recently argued that Mitt Romney won his first debate with Barack Obama because he showed more “bravado,” which Bruni seems to think is the one character trait common to all successful politicians. In making his point, Bruni dodged … Continue reading

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Big Bird was a topic, but not big banks

I just reread my rant about Barack Obama’s feeble performance in his first debate with the Romneybot, and I thought whoa, Odd Man Out, what were you really angry about? Obama’s failure to aggressively challenge Romney’s lies? His looking down, … Continue reading

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