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Not to belabor the obvious, but…

I called up Elizabeth Warren’s Labor Day message and said, “Check it out, Swamp Rabbit. Woody Guthrie could have written it.” Today’s a federal holiday because on the eve of the 20th century, machinists, carpenters, and people who worked in … Continue reading

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Another day, another new low for Trump

Let’s say you’re one of the Navajo veterans of WW II who used your native language to create coded messages that the Japanese military couldn’t possibly figure out. You survived battles in the South Pacific, where Japanese soldiers usually fought … Continue reading

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A moment of clarity at the coffee shop

Consumer protection starts with saying no to ATM fees A small example of how banks take advantage of customers and why Elizabeth Warren should be appointed to lead the soon-to-be-established Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: On most days I stop for … Continue reading

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