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Yes, bad things happen (to Trump) in Philly

Swamp Rabbit’s parole officer Victor Cortez called me today with a joke about the Electoral College: “The only way for Donald Trump to get to 270 is if he loses fifty pounds.” I said, “You’re right, it’s impossible.” I was … Continue reading

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Uh-oh, a blue mirage!

Swamp Rabbit was doubled over laughing at me for having thought the 2020 elections might generate a wave that would sweep Democrats to victory even in some former Confederate states that were, according to the pollsters, trending blue. “Hahaha, you … Continue reading

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Only a blue wave can detox the U.S. Senate

Tomorrow is Election Day, but Swamp Rabbit and I are still arguing. Will a blue wave crash down on the Orange Contagion? Will the Democratic victory be large enough to discourage Trump from contesting it? Large enough to turn the … Continue reading

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