Only a blue wave can detox the U.S. Senate


Tomorrow is Election Day, but Swamp Rabbit and I are still arguing. Will a blue wave crash down on the Orange Contagion? Will the Democratic victory be large enough to discourage Trump from contesting it? Large enough to turn the Senate blue?

“There you go assumin’ again,” Swamp Rabbit said. “What if there ain’t no blue wave? What if 2020 is 2016 all over again? I’m just saying.”

I told him Biden isn’t Hillary, the polls are probably right this time. Trump will lie and cheat and dispute the election results – especially in regard to mail-in ballots — but he’ll be out of the White House by Inauguration Day. And if he’s not, we’re all doomed.

Swamp Rabbit laughed. “Don’t be so dramatic. It don’t matter who wins, you’re still gonna be living in the Tinicum swamp.”

“It does matter,” I insisted. “Better to have a dinosaur in the White House than a dictator. Biden won’t lord it over the DOJ or fire inspectors general for investigating corruption. He won’t ignore the pandemic or kill decent healthcare and environmental laws or put kids in cages. He won’t condone voter suppression and intimidation.”

“Blah blah,” the rabbit replied. “How you know what Biden’s gonna do?”

I told him Biden won’t be able to do anything unless the blue wave is big enough to wash away a significant number of Trump’s allies in the Senate — i.e., the flunkies and enablers who voted not guilty at Trump’s impeachment trial, pushed through huge tax cuts for the rich and blocked additional aid for the unemployed when the Covid-19 was starting to surge again.

“Biden needs a working majority in both houses of Congress,” I said. “Otherwise Mitch McConnell and his fellow uglies will shoot down every bill the Democrats try to pass.”

Swamp Rabbit shook his mangy head. “That’s a pretty tall order, Odd Man. Them voters might turn against Trump, but what makes you think they’re gonna turn against them rightwing senators?”

Because people are tired of being lied to,” I shouted. “They’re finally realizing that the Republican Party is the party of the rich and no one else.”

The rabbit was laughing again. “I’m glad you’re fired up, Odd Man, but you’re gonna feel pretty silly if that blue wave turns out to be a trickle.”

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2 Responses to Only a blue wave can detox the U.S. Senate

  1. Dave says:

    You’re fired up, I’m fired up, voter turnout is fired up and it was great to see Obama fired up. The blue wave is gonna happen.


  2. oddmanout215 says:

    Paraphrasing the political theorist Travis Bickle: Maybe a blue wave will come and wash all the scum out of Washington, D.C. (Or some of the scum.)


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