No time to nitpick over VP pick


Trump is trying to kill the Postal Service. That’s a bigger story than Kamala Harris not being a progressive.

“What’s your problem?” Swamp Rabbit said.

The Democratic Party still stands for next to nothing, I told him. It feels like 2016, when the party trotted out candidates for president and vice-president (quick — who was that guy?) who seemed safely middle-of-the-road but were uninspiring to many voters hoping for real change. That’s how Donald Trump squeaked into office.

The difference this time is that Trump is a known commodity, with a track record of corruption and incompetence unmatched by any previous U.S. president. Which means Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are likely to do much better than Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine did, if only because decent people are afraid Trump might win again if they don’t vote.

“I’d vote for Elmer Fudd if that’s what it took to get rid of Trump,” Swamp Rabbit said.

“You are voting for Elmer Fudd,” I replied, “So am I. Too bad we can’t vote for a progressive presidential candidate — someone who isn’t married to Wall Street and the Defense Department and the private health insurance industry and the fracking companies and the student loan racket. We can’t even vote for a progressive vice-presidential candidate. Harris is a fighter, but she’s beholden to the same power brokers as Biden.”

“She’s no Elizabeth Warren, but she ain’t so bad,” Swamp Rabbit said. “And this is the year of Black Lives Matter. Ain’t no way Biden don’t choose a woman of color in 2020.”

“Why not a woman of color who’s also a progressive?” I countered.

I told him it’s worth noting that Harris has been accepted as safe by the bandits who run the financial industry. “It could have been worse,” one of them said this week. She’s also wishy-washy on eliminating private health insurance. On the plus side, she’s more progressive than Biden on environmental issues and she’s a lot less pro-cop now than she was as attorney general of California.

“There ain’t no time for nitpicking,” Swamp Rabbit said. “Trump is trying to cripple the freaking U.S. Postal Service so he won’t lose the election. We gotta get him outta there.”

“If we don’t get him out of there, I’m moving to New Zealand,” I vowed.

Swamp Rabbit laughed. “New Zealand wouldn’t let you in on account of so many Americans still have the virus, thanks to you know who.”

Footnote: The talking heads on MSNBC were gushing over Harris after Biden chose her. Couldn’t they find even one Democrat who doesn’t like her?

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