Rove: Don’t forget to vote white

From The Raw Story:

Republican strategist Karl Rove says that part of Mitt Romney’s plan to win the White House has to include getting “white Democrats” not to vote for President Barack Obama.

During a discussion with Politico’s Mike Allen on Monday, Rove made it clear that politics had actually become more racialized since the country elected its first black president.

“Obama has no chance of carrying Indiana,” the Fox News contributor explained. “I was having dinner with [Indiana Gov.] Mitch Daniels this spring, and I said, ‘Mitch, is there a white Democrat south of Indianapolis who’s supporting Obama who’s not a college professor in Bloomington?’ And he stopped for a minute over his green beans and says, ‘Not that I can think of…’”

“You know, Indiana’s gone,” he insisted, adding that North Carolina is also “gone” because “New South independents” — which The Atlantic‘s James Bennett says is code for “white independents” — and “racial moderates, economic conservatives, who in 2008 said this would be really good for our country, let’s put the issue of race behind us,” but now they are saying “we did the right thing” and the experiment failed…

Rove’s implication is that Obama has proven himself to be anti-white — an appalling lie by a vengeful nerd who is spending hundreds of millions of billionaires’ dollars to make the lie resonate. Let’s hope most voters understand the Turd Blossom’s outreach to white people is nothing more than a tactic to help elect those who represent the obscenely rich.

Footnote: My mother’s people came here from England more than 200 years ago, and my father’s people are from County Tyrone in Ireland, but I have nothing in common with the Romneys and Roves of the world. In fact, I wouldn’t want to live in the same city with such soulless creatures. Which means I’m not white, I guess — not in the way that Rove means.

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