Update on Ohio voter suppression efforts

It’s a presidential election year, so Ohio Republicans are up to their usual dirty tricks. Whether the feds will stop them from stealing the election this year is still up in the air:

Judge Peter Economus has set a hearing for September 13 to address Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s refusal to comply with the court’s ruling that the state must allow early voting on the three days leading up to the general election. Economus released a terse order Wednesday afternoon: “The Court ORDERS that Defendant Secretary of State Jon Husted personally attend the hearing.” The Obama campaign filed a motion earlier Wednesday asking the court to make Husted give way.

On Friday, Husted backed down, although the Republican Party quickly appealed the court ruling:

…The Republican secretary still hopes to forestall a federal court’s order that he set hours for voting during that run-up period to Nov. 6, asking to hold off at least until the state’s request to appeal is decided…Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, a Republican, immediately announced that Ohio would appeal…

The ruling was considered a victory for Democrats who are believed to have been the beneficiaries of a large number of in-person early voters in the final weekend in Democrat-rich counties, such as Cuyahoga, before the 2008 election, helping Obama win Ohio and the White House…

DeWine has said that he is appealing to fight for Ohio’s rights to set its own laws.

“States’ rights” regarding voting, as if the Civil War never happened!

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