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The new journalism

Odd Man thinks of himself as jaded, but maybe he’s just naive and way out of the loop. He was shocked to read Bill Boyarsky’s piece about censorship, inspired by a New York Times story by Jeremy Peters. Boyarsky wrote: … Continue reading

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Whatsa matta, you no like-a SOPA?

In case you didn’t notice, some large websites shut down today to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act that was being sneaked through Congress until President Obama voiced opposition to it. Which doesn’t mean Obama won’t sign the bill if … Continue reading

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‘Liberal’ media, Wall Street thick as thieves

Will Bunch commented on its invisibility. So did Firedoglake. Keith Olbermann discussed it with Bunch on Countdown, and even Stephen Colbert noted its conspicuous absence from mainstream news reports. I’m referring to the “occupation” of Wall Street (Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza, … Continue reading

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