Join effort to deep-six Citizens United

Earlier today, I posted about Stephen Colbert’s satiric campaign to wise people up to the corrupt campaign financing laws that help elect corrupt, often incompetent candidates. But I didn’t mention what we can do to help make reform possible.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, as usual, is one of the only elected official in D.C. who’s on the case. This is from a piece he wrote about working to deep-six Citizens United:

…The goal of the top 1 percent is simple. They will spend as much as it takes to elect candidates who support a right-wing corporate agenda. They will spend as much as it takes to defeat those candidates who are fighting for working families. And that’s about it!

Our strategy must be equally simple. Short-term, we must do everything we can to support those progressive candidates in 2012 who are fighting for the middle class and the values we believe in. Long-term, we must overturn Citizens United and fight for real campaign finance reform which limits the power of big money.

Last month, I introduced a constitutional amendment, the Saving American Democracy bill, to overturn Citizens United. This amendment states that:

—Corporations do not have the same constitutional rights as human beings.
—The people have the right to regulate corporations.
—Corporations are prohibited from making campaign contributions.
—Congress and states shall have the power to set reasonable limits on election spending.

As we approach the second anniversary of the Citizens United decision, please join me, Daily Kos and Democracy for America in pledging to fight to overturn Citizens United and to counter the unlimited resources of the right-wing in 2012.

Click on the link in Bernie’s message to send a message.

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3 Responses to Join effort to deep-six Citizens United

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  2. Paulette says:

    I enjoyed the comment from “a friend from Texas” who said he’d believe corporations were people when Texas executed one!


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