Oldie but goodie: Myth of liberal media

Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman and Justin Lewis discuss how elites use the big lie to disallow expressions of opinion that are outside what’s acceptable to the corporate media:

Herman: The mainstream media really represent elite interests, and they serve those elite interests in a way that can be described as carrying out a propaganda function.

Chomsky: If you assert the opposite [of what is true], that eliminates mountains of evidence demonstrating that what you’re saying is false. That’s what power means. And the way you assert the opposite is by just saying, “The media are liberal.” Now the question becomes “Are the media too liberal, or are they not too liberal?”

Lewis (on studies indicating liberal bias in the media):

Even if you take these studies at their face value, there are a number of flaws with them. Perhaps the most important one is that they assume that it’s the journalists rather than the owners, advertisers, the news shapers or the news makers who control the manufacture of news. That’s like saying that the workers on the factory floor decide what the car industry produces.

Footnote: Jonathan Turley commenting on the country’s apathetic reaction to Barack Obama breaking his promise to veto the National Defense Authorization Act: “While the Framers would have likely expected citizens in the streets defending their freedoms, this measure was greeted with a shrug and a yawn by most citizens and reporters. Instead, we are captivated by whether a $10,000 bet by Romney was real or pretend in the last debate.”

The story of Obama’s most recent broken promise will die quickly. The notion that we are being stripped of our civil liberties is outside of what’s considered acceptable opinion by the corporate media.

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