The Marx Brothers, still in their prime

How cool that one of the greatest comedic movie scenes can be downloaded and watched with the click of a mouse. A few minutes of screwball perfection, more than 75 years old, as fresh as any skit you could name. Seemingly improvised, almost chaotic, but a masterpiece of timing and ensemble acting.

Elsewhere is a clip of Groucho in very old age being honored at the Academy Awards. Below the clip are viewers’ comments. Someone wrote what a shame it was that a guy as vital and sharp as Groucho had to become old and frail. I look at it the other way. What a miracle it is that Groucho and his brothers in their prime can be seen now and, presumably, for as long as people still like to laugh.

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2 Responses to The Marx Brothers, still in their prime

  1. I don’t know if you’re a WC Fields man, but you can also get his amazing “Honest John” monologue on Youtube – I love the Marxes, but that scene…that to me is perfect comic timing!


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