New verb — Who will ‘Pinochet’ Cheney?

The mainstream media are shrugging at Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, who has started a one-man campaign to bring down Dick Cheney.

Wilkerson has publicly stated he’ll testify against Cheney — chief fabricator of lies used to justify the Iraq war, advocate and instigator of torture policies, guiding force behind warrant-less eavesdropping on American citizens — if charges are ever brought against the former vice-president.

Not much chance of that. Barack Obama’s Justice Department has ignored Cheney’s admissions of involvement in torture policies and Cheney isn’t likely to visit any countries where he might be arrested and charged. But Wilkinson deserves credit for speaking out and for his theory on why Cheney wrote his new memoir In My Time.

“This is a book written out of fear, fear that one day someone will ‘Pinochet’ Dick Cheney,” Wilkerson said. As Raw Story noted:

Wilkerson was referring to former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who was arrested in London in 1998 after being indicted for crimes against humanity. It was the first time the principle of universal jurisdiction had been applied to a former foreign head of state.

Is Wilkerson suggesting foreign agents come to America and nab Cheney in his own backyard, or is he just razzing the Justice Department for not doing its job? And how would Cheney’s book help prevent his arrest?

Inquiring torture foes are hoping Wilkerson will elaborate.

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