Four more years of being punked? No thanks

So I saw this piece in The Hill with the headline “Al Gore for president” and I thought hmm, not my favorite choice but a smart guy with good ideas. Not exactly brave but certainly ballsier than Obama, although who isn’t. But then I read “Let me be the first to propose a national movement to draft Al Gore for president in 2016…” and thought whoa, fool, what about 2012?

I should have known better. The Hill promotes establishment politics and is loath to sacrilegiously suggest the Democratic Party do something sensible, such as dump Obama before he completely destroys the party of FDR by pandering to right-wingers.

According to Brent Budowsky, the writer of the piece,

It is understandable that those who worked the hardest for the great dream of 2008 are depressed. It is time for us to regroup, reassemble and renew the battle for what Ted Kennedy brilliantly called the causes that endure and the dreams that never die… If Gore runs in 2016 he would be the most qualified candidate for the presidency in a century.

But will there still be a recognizable Dem Party in 2016 if Obama is re-elected (by no means a sure thing)? Judging from his tone, Budowsky is the sort of guy who, if his office were burning down, would wait for written permission from the boss before fleeing the building.

I’m sorry Bernie Sanders would have no chance of being nominated, but I’m glad he still has a sliver of hope for 2012. Also in The Hill:

Sanders said he still supports the concept of a primary challenge for Obama, because, Sanders said, even Republicans have done a better job of keeping their campaign promises than Obama.

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