SugarHouse workers to bet on unionizing

Sure, the SugarHouse Casino next to the Delaware River is an eyesore and a sick solution to the scarcity of good jobs in Philadelphia. However, casino workers deserve job security and a fairer share of the loot that’s not being sucked out of Philly by Chicago billionaire Neil Bluhm and others with large stakes in the gambling parlor.

A group of union leaders and preachers showed up in person at the casino Friday to officially inform management that a unionization effort was in progress. City Paper noted:

What will happen next isn’t clear: The workers could file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board, but that process would likely take months, if not longer. They could also ask SugarHouse to extend voluntary recognition.

Good luck, but watch out for Bluhm and the politicians in Philly and Harrisburg who used every dirty trick in the book to get SugarHouse up and running.

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