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Schumer’s in a bubble with the banksters

From New Republic’s interview with New York Sen. Charles Schumer, who, in a weasel-y way, links Sen. Elizabeth Warren with “left-wing blogs”: CS: …You’ve got to look at the effect on average folks. The vast majority of the people employed … Continue reading

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‘Central Government for Dummies’

Last week I wrote that the Tea Party is a dead end, mainly because its members don’t seem to understand they’re serving the rich and powerful, and surrendering power in the process. They love the idea of a “maverick” Republican … Continue reading

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Liberal pundit’s advice: Give ’em heck, Dems

Leonard Pitts Jr.’s column was headlined “Democrats need to stand up to tea party.” I couldn’t agree more, but his semi-apologetic tone left me wondering what Pitts meant by “stand up.” He started by praising Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters for … Continue reading

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No relief in sight from Eric Cantor disaster

I refer to the less-than-esteemed U.S. Rep from Virginia. The dapper super-nerd with the smug grin who badgered Barack Obama during debt ceiling negotiations. The Tea Party lap dog whose strategy for rising in the GOP ranks is to recite … Continue reading

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The end is near, Philly! For you too, NYC.

From The Raw Story: In the documentary Urban Danger, 84-year-old Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, who is serving his tenth term as the representative of Maryland’s Sixth District, explains why US citizens should avoid living in cities. “There are a number … Continue reading

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