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NYT to readers: Do facts matter?

Daily newspapers subscribe to the notion of objective reporting, and newspaper editors are always eager to defend this foggy notion. Which makes it all the more curious that New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane recently asked readers whether “news … Continue reading

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Debunking Mitt’s most recent big lie

Here’s how the corporate media works: The well known double-talker Mitt Romney makes dubious statements meant to undermine another candidate. Reporters write stories that leave Mitt’s statements unchallenged. Readers are left with the impression that Mitt is stating facts. It … Continue reading

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Politico reels in another red herring

The issue is right-wing lies, not ‘media recklessness’ Once upon a time, the news was dictated to us by a handful of corporations that professed to be non-partisan in their methods and goals. Then along came revelations that non-partisanship – … Continue reading

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