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Banking on ‘low-information’ voters

Has any presidential candidate in history lied more frequently and with as much squeaky-clean earnestness as Mitt Romney? Mainstream reporters would ask this question if they weren’t trained to equate telling the truth with being biased. They don’t ask, or … Continue reading

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Class warfare? It’s only just begun

I should change my name to Ed Anger. Or Joe Jeremiad. I’m disgusted that the robber barons who rule the GOP were able, with much help from the corporate media, to push into the language the catchphrase “right to work,” … Continue reading

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Mitt, they see right through you

Gertrude Stein’s famous quotation — “There is no there, there” — is as good a way an any to describe Mitt Romney, who can’t seem to make a public statement without lying and/or contradicting himself. A Huffington Post story explains … Continue reading

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