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A semi-grudging salute to Hitchens

My respect for Christopher Hitchens’ talent never waned, even when he used it to defend the likes of George W. Bush. Hitchens often argued that his support for the Iraq war followed logically from his abhorrence of tyranny in all … Continue reading

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Egypt, Iraq and neocon doubletalk

The post-2003 democratic wave was brief and somewhat shallow, and it indirectly benefited Hamas and Hezbollah as well as the Kurds and Shiites of Iraq and the Lebanese democracy movement. But the regime-change school in America can claim a degree … Continue reading

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You, sir, are no Lonesome Rhodes

Where are the fire-breathing, chest-beating demagogues of old? I saw clips of Glenn Beck exhorting the crowd to come back to Jesus during his “Restoring Honor” event in D.C. and I wondered, honestly, how this simpering buffoon rose from radio … Continue reading

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