‘Liberal’ media, Wall Street thick as thieves

Will Bunch commented on its invisibility. So did Firedoglake. Keith Olbermann discussed it with Bunch on Countdown, and even Stephen Colbert noted its conspicuous absence from mainstream news reports.

I’m referring to the “occupation” of Wall Street (Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza, actually) by a small army of idealists hoping to persuade Americans that their most dangerous enemies aren’t in Afghanistan but rather in New York City, in the skyscrapers that house the banksters who wrecked the economy in 2008 and put a permanent dent in American living standards.

So why aren’t mainstream media outlets covering an event involving would-be reformers of the deregulated, and often unregulated, financial services industry? Bunch pretty much answered the question he raised:

… Many reporters are somewhat liberal in their personal leanings… And since professional journalists are often obsessed with proving their “balance” above all else, and weak-kneed on reacting to right-wing criticism dating back to Spiro Agnew, that means bending over backwards to show they’re not ignoring something conservative like the Tea Party… The other ultimate goal of the modern journalist is to appear “savvy.” And what could possibly be more embarrassingly unsavvy than taking seriously the ambitions of a band of granola-eating missed-the-60s dirty bleeping hippie wannabes – crazy enough to think that they can change the world.

So what would it take to compel reporters from, say, The New York Times to travel a few blocks to cover a new phase of the class war that’s been going on in America for thirty years?

It would take more than the embarrassment of seeming “unsavvy,” or of being scooped by the Guardian (as usual) and Russian TV.

It would take an influx of “occupiers” so large and defiant and organized that reporters could no longer ignore the angry mood of the country, not without seeming to engage in suppressing a story simply because it runs counter to the interests of their employers, the owners of the MSM.

Footnote: I should have noted, as I usually do when the subject comes up, that Paul Krugman, Gretchen Morgenson and a few other staffers at NYT are aggressively critical in their coverage of Wall Street’s con men. But these people are commentators and analysts, not reporters.

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