Manchin again (the video version)

Swamp Rabbit was hungover and tired of my blogging choices. “How come you gotta do two posts in a row about Manchin? What about all them other creeps in the U.S. Senate?”

So I told him for the tenth time: “Because no other Democrat who will vote on the Build Back Better Act has a more damning and documented record of personal corruption than DINO Joe. He pretends his opposition to the bill has nothing to do with the coal industry being the source of his wealth. He’s not only a liar but also an enabler of the companies that are polluting his constituents.”

“Ain’t no big deal to me,” Swam Rabbit said, wincing at the sound of my voice. “I’m already polluted.”

Footnote: Why did Washington Post recently re-investigate the old story about Garrison Keillor allegedly groping women coworkers but not investigate Manchin’s lucrative relationship with the coal industry? Why is there more comprehensive information about the Manchin family’s corruption in Don Winslow‘s two-minute video (posted above) than in thousands of words from the Post and the New York Times? Just asking.

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