Wishful thinking, a.k.a. bipartisanship

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I told Swamp Rabbit that the country is in a one-step-forward, two-steps-back historical loop, and there’s no reason to believe things will get better anytime soon. He didn’t want to believe this, so I summarized some news stories for him that illustrate how grim the situation is:

  • Sane Floridians are struggling to resist the policies of Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Donald Trump wanna-be who continues to oppose mask and vaccine mandates even though his state recently broke its own record for most covid infections in a single day.  
  • Everyone knows “extreme heat events” are becoming more severe because of global warming, but the much-balleyhooed “bipartisan” infrastructure bill includes no money for climate measures.  
  • The Biden administration continues to voice support for passage of voting rights legislation but has yet to explain how this will happen unless Democrats strike down the filibuster and win cooperation from Senate DINOs like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

“There’s a lot of wishful thinking going on,” I said. “Some Democrats think they can shame Republicans into doing the right thing. They think they can sweet-talk fossil fuel freaks into agreeing the climate crisis is a top priority. They think bipartisanship still exists. No, no and no.”

“Your problem is you ain’t got no patience,” Swamp Rabbit replied, just to be contrary. “You gotta give peeps a chance to be reasonable.”

I waved him off. “Reasonable people already know that not being vaccinated is a danger to public health. That humans will be baked like clams unless the climate crisis is solved. That Republicans have no time for policy ideas that don’t bolster white supremacy and states’ rights, and help the rich get richer.”

“That’s some bleak shit,” Swamp Rabbit said, shaking his head. “How you expect anything to get done if there ain’t no compromise? No bipartisan pow wow?”

I almost told him that you can’t compromise with Confederates. You can’t haggle with people who don’t accept the results of a fair election, who blame the country’s problems on black people, and who refuse to raise taxes on the rich to improve the country’s infrastructure. But he’d already heard all that, so I figured brevity was best.

“Bipartisanship is bullshit,” I said. “The longer it takes Democrats to admit this, the longer it will take them to pull together and get this country out of the loop it’s stuck in.”

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1 Response to Wishful thinking, a.k.a. bipartisanship

  1. scribblegal says:

    The one bright note in the refusal of Republicans to be vaccinated is the news that the virus sometimes causes male infertility and erectile dysfunction. Is this the universe acting where Democrats can’t?


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