Magnanimous she ain’t

“What’s Hillary so mad about?” Swamp Rabbit said after I read the tweet to him. “Didn’t Bernie endorse her in 2016 after he dropped out, even though he knew she had connived with the DNC to make sure he didn’t have a real shot at the nomination? Didn’t he campaign for her?”

I nodded. “She says Bernie’s a career politician, nobody likes him, blah blah. The shrinks would say she’s talking about herself, projecting her faults onto others. Trump does the same thing.”

“But that don’t make no sense,” he said, slapping the flimsy kitchen table in my swamp shack. “The goal for the Democrats is to beat the nastiest, cheating-est, rotten-est president in U.S. history. Ain’t nothing more important. Why badmouth Trump’s potential opponent?”

“No mystery there,” I replied. “She has to blame Bernie for her loss in 2016. Or else admit she was a terrible candidate, possibly the only Democrat who wasn’t capable of beating someone as corrupt and stupid as Trump. She won’t go there, it’s too painful.”

“Then why don’t she just shut up and let them voters decide?”

“She wants to influence voters,” I said. “To sway them toward the candidate she prefers, whoever that is.”

This time Swamp Rabbit threw his empty flask across the room. “That don’t make no sense neither. She lost to Trump. Who would listen to her?”

“You’d be surprised,” I said. “Besides, she’s got a new documentary coming out. She wants people to watch, even if they didn’t vote for her. She may not be running for office anymore, but she still has a career.”

Footnote: I voted for Hillary in 2016 along with most other Bernie fans. It should always be mentioned that she got almost three million more votes than Trump but “lost” because of the Electoral College, which should be abolished. She could have won despite her negatives by campaigning more aggressively in some key northern states. But she didn’t.

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