Little Caesar’s bid to buy the presidency

Watch the interview and see if you don’t react the same way as the guy who posted it, who “can’t believe how bad” billionaire Michael Bloomberg sounds when he defends Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

Swamp Rabbit can believe it; he thinks anyone who assumes Bloomberg is a real Democrat — even a small-d democrat — probably doesn’t know much about his record as mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013.

“Bloomberg is Little Caesar, and I ain’t just talking about his height,” he said. “He’s all for them First Amendment rights unless he thinks they might get in his way when he’s deciding what’s best for you.”

He noted that the former mayor, who just spent multi-millions to buy his way into the presidential race, is an autocrat with a long history of suppressing dissent. As mayor, he ordered police to squelch protests against the Iraq war (2003) and at the Republican National Convention (2004), and to evict Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zucotti Park (2011). He blocked media coverage of the eviction.

“No wonder he likes that Chinese guy,” the rabbit said. “If Bloomberg was the sheriff of Hong Kong, them protesters over there would all be dead or in jail.”

He poured himself a drink and continued. Bloomberg sent undercover agents across the country to spy on Occupy organizers and other radicals. He was responsible for NYC’s infamous stop-and-frisk policy. He’s lukewarm on environmental activism (behave yourselves, protesters) and unenthusiastic about the Green New Deal.

Furthermore, he has his own news network (!) and is tight with the Wall Street banksters who got away clean after they helped cause the economic crash in 2008. The crash triggered a backlash against so-called elites. It inspired legions of fools to put on MAGA hats.

“But Bloomberg isn’t Trump,” I said before the rabbit could go on. “Who would you rather elect, a fastidious technocrat or a fat, vulgar fraud?”

“Dictators come in all shapes and sizes,” the rabbit replied. “Bloomberg oughta be paying a wealth tax instead of pissing away all that dough on a race he shouldn’t be in.”

I hate losing an argument, but I decided to give up on this one. Anybody is better than Trump, but making a strong case for Bloomberg is a lost cause.

Footnote: Swamp Rabbit was referencing Julius Caesar, not Edward G. Robinson as Rico the mobster in Little Caesar. Bloomberg, after all, believes in law and order, at least when it comes to the peons.

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  1. scribblegal says:

    What’s a billionaire to do?


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